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Tansun Royal Sapphire

T260 & T300

The Tansun Royal Sapphire is available for Sale and Rent.


The "Tansun Royal Sapphire T260 & T300" are the latest models to come from Tansun 

The leading and best-selling vertical Home Sunbed Manufacturer.


It is stylish and powerful and offers unrivaled tanning results all year round.

The contemporary design complements any room and décor and discreetly fits into most spaces. Requiring only 1 square meter and just 1 x 13A plug sockets, it is the prefect sunbed for your home.

Try the new revolutionary way of tanning at home. Increase your levels of Vitamin D and simultaneously get a perfect all over salon tan.


With the choice of 26 or 30 full length tanning lamps offering a true 360° full body tanning, while its body cooling fans ensure a pleasant tanning experience and a sense of relaxation and wellness at home.

Our opinion-

----These are an amazing addition to the Tansun range.  A real premium home tanning unit with more high power fast tan lamps than any home tanning unit. 


it's no different than having a Salon sunbed at home.

----these units run a little hotter than others in our range too.  Perfect, if  you like to feel that real sunshine tingle..


Tubes –


26 x  Cosmedico "fast Tan" 0.3 EU regulated (for safer tanning)

Tubes –


30 x 2Cosmedico "fast Tan" 0.3 EU regulated (for safer tanning)

Size – Diameter 850mm – Height 1900mm

Electrical supply requirements –

One direct socket

(no extension leads or block plugs).

Running cost per 10 mins = T300 /10p & T260 14p

(Apr 2022 average supply rate 25p per kwh)

Tansun VTU dimentions .jpg
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