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Go Tan Home Sunbed Hire tanning creams and lotions

£14.99 per bottle

(See your delivery driver)

Perfectly Pink 650ml 

Moisturising lotion just for sunbed tanning.

Nourishing exotic botanicals and tan extending accelerators continuously moisturise the skin to optimise your colour. Vitamins A, C and E, Acai Berry, Aloe Vera and Panthenol also help to restore resiliency and elasticity. Creamy Vanilla fragrance.



(Beginner Tanners.)

Pro Tan Perfectly Tan 250ml

Double Dark Tanning Accelerator:

Who doesn't want to look Perfectly Tan? This fast acting ultra-hydrating formula delivers the perfect shade of tan while leaving your skin nourished and hydrated.

Advanced double dark tanning accelerators combined with Sunflower, Aloe Vera and Monoide Tahiti Oil leave your skin with a beautiful radiant glow. 

Fragrance: Vanilla.

No tingle and no added bronze



(Intermediate to Advanced Tanners.)

Pro Tan Radically Hemp 250m

This ultra-powerful, 10X dark tanning gelee uses hemp seed oil and aloe vera for smoother skin and longer lasting colour.

Non tingle with No bronzer.

tanning lotion

Pro Tan Incredibly Black 250ml 


Non tingle with slight bronzer.

Ultra-powerful 10X Stain & Streak-Free Bronzing Blend. Infused with advanced accelerators, natural exotic extracts and Monoi de Tahiti oil. Natural Melanin for Optimal Bronzing, Coconut Oil, Vitamins A & E .


Pro Tan Irresistibly Tan 250ml

Non tingle with No bronzer.

Pure tanning stimulators work the moment they glide onto your skin delivering a fast, deep dark tan for the most irresistibly golden glow. An exclusive blend of plush botanicals bathe you skin in silky bliss while deep penetrating Antioxidants make your skin look bright and vibrant all day-everyday. Fragrance: Pistachio Cream with Magnolia.

Non tingle with No bronzer.

irist tan.jfif


(Advanced tanners)

Pro Tan Hot Tottie 250ml

LEVEL 3 - Advanced tanners.

Hot Tingle with no bronzers

 Hot action, dark tanning lotion with additional vitamins of A,C & E, mango and cocoa butter for a silky smooth, supple tone.  

hot tottie protan_edited.png

Pro Tan Unbelievably Black 250ml

LEVEL 3 - Advanced tanners

Non-Tingle with Dark Bronzer


Synergistically formulated tan maximisers along with both Black & DHA Bronzers, amplify your true tanning potential. Natural exotic extracts, Aloe Vera and magical silicones provide the perfect conditioning properties that keep your skin healthy and luminous while you tan. The paraben free formula will leave you with a gorgeous, deep, dark, long lasting bronze colour like you could only imagine. Believe it! Fragrance: Sweet Almond & Vanilla Cream.

tanning lotion

Pro Tan Instantly Black 250ml

LEVEL 3 - Advanced tanners

Non-tingle with Dark Bronzers

Pro Tan Instantly Black 250ml: Immediately dark 50xx ultra black DHA bronzing lotion with photo ready colour. "Strike a Pose!"

protan inc black.jpg


Premium Advanced Accelerators.


Black Onyx Super.

  • Contains AlgoTan for maximum tanning results

  • Black Walnut shell extract with Coenzyme Q10

  • Hydrates and conditions skin while tanning

  • Tingle free

  • Pear berry fragrance


tanning lotion

Black Onyx Cytris (Tingle)

  • Hot tingle stimulating complex

  • Unipertan P-2002 for maximum tanning results

  • Contains Pynogenal to fight free radical skin damage

  • Vitamins A, C & E

  • Hydrates skin while tanning


tanning lotion



A super charged carrot oil and betta-carotene accelerator specifically formulated to stimulate and amplify the natural production of melanin in your skin to achieve the fastest and darkest tan possible. Active beta-carotene combines to condition and hydrate your skin and to ensure you will keep your tan longer.

  • Triple action accelerator

  • Carrot oil for natural melanin production

  • Beta-carotene for prolonged tan-life

  • Tingle free

  • L-Tyrosine

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Fresh Pomegranate fragrance

Power Tan Non-Stop Black 24H Hybrid

Tanning Accelerator (250ml) is a DHA-free accelerator which keeps on tanning without UV light, ensuring a deep and long-lasting tan without the need for bronzing.

Formulated with a special complex of marine origin Algotan P, this highly innovative hybrid accelerator is able to simulate the effect of sunlight exposure to promote the skin's natural production of melanin, producing a unique 24-hour, non-stop, dark tanning result. The advanced formula is designed for use on indoor tanning beds, allowing you to attain your desired glow. Exudes a delightful Fresh Peach scent. Cruelty-free.

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