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Frequenty asked Questions.

What area does your free delivery Cover?

We deliver free of charge to most post codes within a 15 mile radius of Newcastle City Centre-

We can also make delivery outside this area for a pre arranged mileage fee.

Can I hire for a bespoke period ?

Yes. We are happy to quote for any period that you need. Just add your dates to the booking form and we'll get you a quote that's personal for you.


​How much space will I need to hire a sunbed?

For a VTU (vertical tanning unit) you will need 1 metre by 1 metre.

For a lie-down tanning bed, you will need 2 meters by 1 metre.


Can I use an extension lead to power my sunbed?

No, for safety reasons and to avoid tripping fuses all of our sunbeds must be plugged directly in to your wall sockets.


Do you supply eye protection when I hire a sunbed?

Yes, your sunbed hire includes the hire of 2 pairs of sunbed goggles. ​


Do I have to pay up front for my sunbed hire?

Yes, you must pay the full hire fee for your chosen period at or before delivery.

Note- For advance bookings we require at least £30 deposit to reserve a unit-  The remaining balance to be paid in full at or before your delivery date.

How can I pay for my sunbed hire?

We accept all credit and debit cards Cash* or PayPal. (*note we will require to verify a card in the hire's name)

What ID do I need to give you?

We WILL require 2 forms of ID -

One recent proof of address,  such a bank or card statement, council tax or utility bill.

And a Photo ID such as your passport , driving licence or government ID card.

(*Note if your paying cash we will also need to verify a payment card in the hire's name)

Can I extend my hire period while I have my sunbed?

Yes, but you must let us know 7 days before the hire end if you wish to extend for another period, as we take advance bookings and can’t promise to have a unit available.   

To avoid disappointment we will contact you around this time also to ask if you wish extend or hand back your sunbed.

If I extend my hire period when will I need to pay you?

If you choose to extend, we will collect payment for the new hire period the day before the new hire start date.

Will you tell me when my sunbed will be delivered and collected?

Yes, we will agree the dates with you in advance and contact you a day or so before to confirm a two time slot.

Our drivers will also contact you once they're en-route by sending a text with a GPS tracking link. So you can follow them on google maps and see exactly when they will arrive.

Note -If (at our fault) we do not deliver within 24hours of the agreed delivery date, you can cancel your order and we will give you a full refund.

Do you have cancellation policy?

Yes, you can cancel an order 72 hrs before delivery and we will refund your payment in full.

Note -Orders cancelled within 72 hrs will incur a £30 deduction from any refund.

How many minutes should I use your sunbeds for ?

This varies by skin type (see our skin type information)

GoTan sunbeds are all fitted with the highest power EU safety approved 0.3 tubes 

When first using our sunbeds, you should always start off with just 5 or 6 minutes and build up gradually to no more than the maximum recommended for your skin type.

It is important that you never tan twice in any 24hour period. Should skin redness occur you should wait until this has fully cleared before tanning again.

The beauty of hiring from GoTan is that you will have plenty of time to build up your tan gradually, safely and comfortably. Take your time, go brown not red.

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