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Cosmedico Rubino-
Infra Red lamp

This fabulous NEW tanning lamp combines UV tanning, Infrared and red light therapy!

Cosmedico have produced a complete new concept, which combines the UV Light, Red Light and Infra Red together in one exceptional sunbed tube.

The Red Light stimulates collagen production, helping to improve Age Spots, Cellulite, Wrinkles and revitalises the skin for a smoother, brighter complexion.

The addition of Infra red to this concept, gives added benefits of pain relief for muscle strains, healing tissues, improved skin oxygenation and tissue hydration. This can improve the direct pigmentation of the skin by up to 50 per cent, giving you a more effective deep and golden tan!

This lamp work terrifically well when combined 3 to 1 Tanning lamps giving a stunning look and wonderful sunbed tanning performance.

Cosmedico RUBINO:

• Significantly improved direct pigmentation
• Smoother tanning process
• Longer lasting beautiful tan
• Increased UV compatibility
• Protection of cells against free radicals
• Activation of oxygen supply to the skin
• Stimulation of the skin metabolism
• Smooth and refreshing skin feel
• High feel-good factor

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