Elite Double

20 Tube Lie-Down

The Elite Double Lie-Down is available for Sale and Rent.

The "Elite Double Lie-Down" is the most popular home Lie-Down sunbed in the UK

It comes fitted with 20 High power tanning lamps with optimised UVA/UVB output. as well as 4 additional facial booster lamps. 


Hydraulically enabled lift and lower allows fingertip control.

With a triple cooling fan "body Breeze" system & Curved top and bottom  acrylic safety screens you can be sure of the quickest, safest and most comfortable of tanning sessions.

It will fit in most homes, or in a garage. Requiring only 1.1 square meter and just 1 x 13A plug socket.

Try the latest way of tanning at home. Increase your levels of Vitamin D and simultaneously get a perfect all over salon tan.



Our opinion-

----Our Elite double comes "fully loaded"  with the addition of side tubes facial boosters and full "body breeze" cooling system.   Our customers love them !

There's nothing more relaxing than coming home and being able to relax with  a little nap on your own home sunbed.

With fantastic results every-time,  you'll simply never want to be without a home sunbed once you've tried one of these.



Tubes -

  • The Canopy is fitted with 9 x 6ft UVA RUVA tubes 160-240watt ETP. . 

  • The Base is fitted with 9 x 6ft UVA tubes 100- 125watt ETP.

  • 4 Facial Booster lamps

  • Total tanning output 3915 WATTS etp

Size –

Length: 1900mm,  Width: 685mm, Height: 1170mm

Electrical supply requirements –

One direct socket

(no extension leads or block plugs).

Running cost per 10 mins = 6p