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Elite Double

20 Tube Lie-Down

The Elite Double Lie-Down is available for Sale and Rent.


The "Elite Double Lie-Down" is the most popular home Lie-Down sunbed in the UK

Our units comes fitted with 20 High power tanning lamps, with optimised UVA/UVB output. Plus additional facial booster lamps.  Triple user controlled cooling fans, "body Breeze".

and a curved top and bottom with acrylic safety screens.


Hydraulically enabled lift and lower allows fingertip control.


With our units you can be sure of the quickest, safest and most comfortable of tanning sessions.

Easily fitting in most homes, or in a garage. Requiring a space of 2m x 1m and only 1 x 13A plug socket.

Try the latest way of tanning at home. Increase your levels of Vitamin D and simultaneously get a perfect all over salon tan.



Our opinion-

----Our Elite double comes "fully loaded"  with the addition of side tubes facial boosters and full "body breeze" cooling system.   Our customers love them !

There's nothing more relaxing than coming home and being able to relax with  a little nap on your own home sunbed.

With fantastic results every-time,  you'll simply never want to be without a home sunbed once you've tried one of these.



Tubes -

  • The Canopy is fitted with 9 x 6ft UVA RUVA tubes 160-240watt ETP. . 

  • The Base is fitted with 9 x 6ft UVA tubes 100- 125watt ETP.

  • 4 Facial Booster lamps

  • Total tanning output 3915 WATTS etp

Size –

Length: 1900mm,  Width: 685mm, Height: 1170mm

Electrical supply requirements –

One direct socket

(no extension leads or block plugs).

Running cost per 10 mins = 7.5p

(Apr 2022 average supply rate 25p per kwh)

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