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For your peace of mind.


We would like assure our customers that we are taking all necessary measures to best ensure the safety of our customers and ourselves during this unprecedented epidemic.


To limit any risk of viral transference, we have added addition internal procedures to our to our service which will be strictly observed.

We will be separating unit collections and deliveries. 

Returning units will always taken back to base where they will then be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised with industry specialist anti- bacterial solutions.

As an extra precaution they will then be held held separately at our site for at least 48hrs before they will be released for delivery. Ensuring all units are as safe as possible for the next user.

In addition our drivers will take every possible hygiene precaution such as using hand sanitisers and the wearing of PPE -disposable cloves & face mask at each call.

We will also collect and deliver each unit swiftly,observing the advised 2m safe person to person distance and we aim to complete each call in well under 10mins. 

We hope this gives you the peace of mind to choose GoTan and enjoy Safe Tanning.

Something of interest.

Sunbed UV kills surface viral germs on your body after just 3-4 mins exposure.

(Unfortunately not once it's in you system, that would be too much of an ask)

Of course washing our hands frequently as per government advice is the most effective way to fight the spread of any infections.

China is using UV light in the fight against the Covid virus  -


Check out how China is already implementing UV cleansing

"Vitamin D" 

Can only be produced in the body naturally by exposure to UV light.

Having daily exposure to UV keeps our "Vitamin D" levels optimised.

A very important part in the body's defense of and recovery from infection.  

More Recent news ...

"Vitamin D"  Deficiency increases the chance of death from Covid 19

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