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Commercial Sunbed Range

Tanning salons  -  Gyms  - Hotels  - Spas  - Beauty salons  - Leisure Centres

Tansun Viva

Tansun Viva.png


Stand up Commercial Sunbed in 15 Attractive Colours

Tansun Viva sunbed is a distinguished and best selling tanning unit among the commercial sunbeds range.

It is suitable for various commercial applications, whether it’s your first introductory sunbed or an addition to your current sunbed range. The Tansun Viva sunbed guarantees top tanning performance and is here to satisfy your most demanding customers’ tanning needs.

The Tansun Viva sunbed is available in 15 attractive and playful colours to choose according to your salon interior and décor.

Your clients can now enjoy a unique all over tanning experience in a sunbed which has been designed for ultimate ease and comfort.


Adjustable feet and ergonomically designed handles add extra comfort.

A self- illuminated exit sign and emergency button guarantee your clients’ safety whereas the easy to clean surfaces ensure your sunbed’s hygiene.

Stereo loudspeakers offer to your customers the opportunity to relax listening to their favourite music.

All Tansun commercial sunbeds are available in Single or Three Phase Supply and have been designed with an optional Changing Area.

  • 44 x 180W -0.3 compliant sunbed tubes

  • Fast Performance

  • Immediate Tanning Results

  • Overall Power: 8.2kW


Tansun Viva £4,500 inc VAT

Changing Booth  £1,135 inc vat

Delivery & installation £300 - £350 +vat

Token box £250 inc vat

Tansun Vitesse

Tansun Vitesse vertical sunbed is here to change the standards of the tanning industry and even exceed the most demanding customers’ expectations.


The Tansun Vitesse sunbed is the epitome of perfection and good taste and has been designed to offer unsurpassed tanning results , ultimate comfort and value for money.

You will find Tansun Vitesse in finest design and in two metallic and appealing colours, Burgundy and Royal Blue that suit all applications and aesthetic requirements.


Tansun Vitesse’s details and finishes are those aspects that differentiate it from any other ordinary tanning sunbed. A high power ceiling fan offers exceptional cooling, ensuring optimum lamp performance and long lamp life. Your clients can get now a fast and even tan while enjoying a cool and pleasant tanning session.

Safety and hygiene first. That is why all of our sunbeds come with a self-illuminated exit sign and an easily accessible emergency cut off switch. What is more, all surfaces are designed for ease of cleaning and hygiene.

Within a Tansun Vitesse sunbed, the whole tanning experience becomes even more unique with the ergonomically designed handles for maximum client comfort and the stereo speakers that enable your clients to tan and relax while listening to their favourite music.

  • 48 x 160W

  • 0.3 Compliant Sunbed Tubes

  • Overall Power: 7.9kW


Tansun Vitesse £4,995 inc VAT

Changing Booth  £1,135 inc vat

Delivery & installation £300 - £350 +vat

Token box £250 inc vat

Tansun Vitesse.png

Tansun Vitesse

Infra Red



Best Tanning Results & Health Benefits of Commercial Infrared Sunbed

Tansun’s extensive research on new technologies and innovations resulted in a dual technology sunbed which has been designed to combine UV radiation for unsurpassed tanning results with infrared light for health and rejuvenating purposes.


The Tansun Vitesse Infra Tan sunbed offers a full body treatment.

Infrared is a therapeutic light which penetrates the skin and benefits the body by heating it and giving the same warm feeling that you get under the sun. Research shows that infrared light can be used for many therapeutic applications due to the fact that the heat radiation speeds and improves many normal bodily processes and boosts tanning results.

In particular, infrared expands the blood vessels improving the blood circulation, increases the oxygen, relieves pain and gives a feeling of relaxation and stress reduction.

The Tansun’s Vitesse Infra Tan incorporates the features of the Tansun Vitesse with the addition of the infra-red technology.


Get a desirable tan by enjoying the benefits of this sunbed, which is the next best thing to sunlight.

Health benefits of infrared sunbed:


  • De-Stresses

  • Relaxation and Enjoyment

  • Improves Quality of Sleep and Relieves Insomnia

  • Pain Relief

  • Increases Blood Circulation

  • Improves Skin Blood Flow

  • Beneficial Effect in patients with Type II Diabetes

  • Cures Allergic Rhinitis

  • Improves Cardiovascular Function


  • Eases Arthritis

  • Relieves Muscular Spasms


  • Improves Skin Tone

  • Stimulates Collagen Production

  • Eases Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis

  • Reduce Cellulite

  • Enhance Skin Healing Process


  • 44 x 160W

  • 4 x 40W short tubes

  • 4 x 500W IR lamps

  • 0.3 compliant tubes

  • Overall Power: 9.7kW


Tansun Vitesse £6,795 inc VAT

Changing Booth  £1,135 inc vat

Delivery & installation £300 - £350 +vat

Token box £250 inc vat

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Tansun LED Symphony

Tansun Symphony.png

Tansun LED Symphony sunbed is a top class stand up commercial sunbed, that guarantees to surpass your customers’ expectations and upgrade your sunbed business.


It boasts new and stylish design, advanced tanning technology and exceptional performance. Offer to your clients a unique tanning experience and ultimate comfort with this spacious and easy to use tanning unit.

Tansun LED Symphony’s 48 long life sunbed tubes offer fast 360° tanning results from the first tanning session. Its dual airflow system ensures a cool and intelligent airflow for a pleasant tanning experience and the lamps’ maximum tanning output.

What makes the Tansun LED Symphony so unique is its features. Its modern and sleek design, alongside with its colour choice, ensure that the Tansun LED Symphony sunbed fits into any application and decor.


Featuring a digital hour counter, it indicates the total time that the sunbed has been in operation, but also the remaining time for a tanning session.


An illuminated exit sign and an emergency stop button are included for safety reasons, while ergonomically designed handles add extra comfort. Stereo Speakers enable people to listen to their favourite music while enjoying a relaxing tanning session.

Available in Single or Three Phase Supply and have been designed with an optional Changing Area.

  • 48 x 180W

  • 0.3 compliant tubes

  • Overall Power: 10.0 kW


Tansun LED Symphony £5,885 inc VAT

Changing Booth  £1,450 inc vat

Delivery & installation £300 - £350 +vat

Token box £250 inc vat

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