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Elite Black Shadow

The Elite Black Shadow is available for Sale and Rent.


The "Elite Electronic Black Shadow"


The New "electronic" technology means low energy usage with very high tanning power.

24 High power tanning lamps with optimised UVA/UVB output. Ensuring quicker,safer, tanning times and a deeper darker tanning result.

It will fit discreetly anywhere in your home. Requiring only 1 square meter and just 1 x 13A plug sockets.

Offering a 360° full body tan, the Black Shadow runs at a slightly lower temperature for a more pleasant session.

it is also fitted with its body breeze cooling fans to ensure to most comfortable tanning experience.


Try the new "electronic" way of tanning at home. Increase your levels of Vitamin D and simultaneously get a perfect all over salon tan.



Our opinion-

----The Black Shadow is very popular with our customers who like a darker tan and as it's running temperature is a little lower than others in our range,  it's well suited to those who find repeated hot sessions too uncomfortable.

With a slightly higher UVB output the tanning results can often push past the tan plateau some reach.

We have also had amazing feedback from customers who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis.


Tubes -

24 x  0.3 EU regulated (safer tanning)

Size –

Diameter 1000mm – Height 2000mm

Electrical supply requirements –

One direct socket

(no extension leads or block plugs).

Running cost per 10 mins = 8 pence

(Apr 2022 average supply rate 25p per kwh)

Black Shadow dimentions
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