Tan safely, in comfort at home.

Sunbed Hire...

Wake up knowing it's a sunny day everyday...

If you'd like a great, safe all over tan at anytime of year.

Rent a sunbed from

"Go Tan Sunbed Hire"


We all love to look good and we love the feeling of "well-being" after a tanning session.  


But getting to a salon regularly enough to achieve a consistent, Safe, Deep & Long lasting tan is

a real mission!


So ditch the salon

& Rent a Sunbed


"GoTan Sunbed Hire" 

No More...

  • Yo-Yo Tanning

  •  Wasted travel time and effort

  • Fighting traffic and getting parked near the sunbed shop.

  • Waiting around for a free sunbed

  • Getting re-dressing in a sweat.

  • Paying for minutes on a sunbed that you'll never use. 

Forget all that... 



At GoTan sunbed hire we only stock the highest quality

(salon standard) home sunbeds.

With some of our home sunbeds taking up just 1m² of floor space !


So now any room in your home can become a personal tanning salon.

You can

  • Tan at home, Easily, safely and Comfortably

  • Tan consistently every day & whenever you want to.

  • Build your hometan slowly and surely.

  • Achieve the deep long-lasting tan at home that you'll never have time to manage using a salon..

& keep it.

  • Look amazing all year round

  • And with a daily dose of

      Vitamin "D"  feel amazing too.


Go on..

Treat yourself... 

Hire a GoTan Sunbed Today.

  It's so easy...

Just click  "Book Now"

Plus its FREE Delivery & Setup.



Home Sunbed supplier to Tyne & Wear.

Book on-line.

Sunbeds delivered across the Northeast.

Including Newcastle,Sunderland,Gateshead,Washington

Northumberland & CoDurham.

Sunbed Hire

  & Sales Specialists. 


The busiest months to hire a home sunbed are normally between March to Sept.

As many people like to home tan and build up a great tan for the summer with a sunbed rental

before going on holiday or attending an event or a wedding.  

So, If you want to hire a sunbed in the Spring / Summer months,

we advise you book your sunbed hire as far in advance as possible to be sure to get the sunbed you like.

During late autumn / winter sunbed hire availability can be better and we can usually deliver a sunbed rental within 48 hours

subject to your area. Prices for sunbed hire also tend to be cheaper with special sunbed rental offers being available.

GoTan are proud to stock the Full Pro-Tan Saturnia range of tanning accelerator lotions
Just £12.50 
A must to go with your sunbed 
See your delivery driver
sunbed lotions

OUR delivery area

Gotan sunbed hire delivery map

We deliver-

Sunbed hire Newcastle

Sunbed hire Northeast

Sunbed hire Tyne and Wear

Sunbed hire Sunderland

Sunbed hire Gateshead

Sunbed hire Durham

Sunbed hire Northumberland.

Sunbed hire near me...we have you covered.

. Our Sunbed Hire service provides free delivery for sunbed rental within a 15 mile radius of central Newcastle upon Tyne,

So, if you searched for sunbed hire near me. We ahve you covered. And If you're further away

we can still provide sunbed hire for an addition small mileage based fee.

We offer sunbed hire across the North East. Tyne and Wear, Gateshead County Durham, Stanley, Ryton & Whickham.

We offer Sunbed Rentals to Sunderland, Washington, South Tyneside, South Shields, Jarrow & Hebburn.

We'll hire a sunbed to you in North Tyneside, Whitley Bay, Tynemouth, North Shields, Wallsend, Boldon, Dudley, Killingworth, 

Home sunbed hires can also be delivered to Northumberland,  Blyth, Cramlington, Wideopen & Ponteland.

Our home sunbed hire is from Newcastle upon Tyne.